Joonas Javanainen

SBTEI development resumed

As an Eclipse user I've always been trouble by the lackluster support of SBT in Eclipse. In order to combat this problem, I forked sbt-eclipse-plugin (2023 edit: removed dead link) and added more features and improved the code. That project later became stale and now I'm concentrating my effort on SBT Eclipse Integration; also known as SBTEI or SEI.

SBTEI has been stalled for a while as I've been busy with non-Scala projects. However, I'll be resuming my work in the near future. I still dream of being able to do this:

  1. Clone a project from source code repository
  2. Import it to Eclipse
  3. Start coding!

This incredibly easy and fast workflow works in Maven, so I'm wondering why Eclipse/SBT/Scala users aren't really interested in the same thing. Or maybe all Eclipse users have already been lost to Intellij IDEA?